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About us
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Highlights & Awards
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The "Stibile"
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Living spaces
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Living & dining area
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Interior Tower
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Real estate
Steurer Real Estate
K&H Living

Holistic spatial design & individual living concepts

In interior design, not only planning but also the careful selection of harmoniously coordinated materials, color schemes for your living space, and the development of a well-thought-out lighting concept play a crucial role in space design. The completion of your dream home also includes interior decoration.

We create a comprehensive living concept that covers all aspects, from style analysis and customer consultation to custom-made creation and installation.

Steurer – Interior | Living | Design
Steurer – Interior | Living | Design

From the initial client meeting
to completion

Our structured project process is designed to transform our clients' visions into a unique and thoughtful living experience. From the initial steps in client consultation to the final completion, we take care of every detail.

Discover our services from the initial client consultation to completion!

First client consultation

Here, we engage in an intense conversation to understand the individual needs and visions of the client and exchange ideas.


Idea, sketch & first draft

After exchanging ideas with the clients, we proceed with developing initial concepts and sketches, which evolve into a first draft to establish the overall direction of the project.


Refinement and finalization of customer wishes

Following intensive team meetings and subsequent exchanges with the client, the offer preparation and presentation of the individually designed spaces follow.


Installation plans

From the drafts, detailed plans are created that consider all spatial installations, structures, and arrangements.


Lighting concept

Crucial for optimizing the atmosphere of the space is the development of a thoughtful lighting concept and the search for suitable lighting.

Lights not only illuminate the room in the evening but also decorate it!


Final planning – color concept for spaces and material selection

In the final planning stage, the refinement of all aspects of the design takes place, including material selection, color scheme, and final spatial arrangement.


Collage & materials

The perfect blend of colors and shapes ensures an optimal end result. The selection of high-quality materials adds the final touch to the space.

We visualize the color and material concept through inspiring collages.



To give our clients a clear impression of the final design, we create realistic 3D renderings, allowing them to perfectly visualize their dream living space before it becomes a reality.


Completion plans

Subsequently, detailed plans for production are created, considering all necessary elements for the project's implementation.



The first step in implementing the project is manufacturing the furniture and other components according to the established plans – our carpenters work diligently every day to craft your custom-made furniture with precision.


Delivery & installation

After everything has been ordered and fabricated, our assembly teams come into play. They ensure a careful delivery and professional installation of all elements to bring the designed vision to life.



The final decoration adds personality to the space and creates a harmonious atmosphere, putting the finishing touch to your project with items such as vases, rugs, cushions, and more.



For the finale, every detail is checked again to ensure that the client's vision has been realized in a fully implemented and impressive living concept.


Interior design tailored
to your needs

The diverse housing needs reflect the uniqueness of every individual and life stage. Whether modern, traditional, or a blend of both – whether you have exclusive furnishing desires or seek a cost-effective solution – with us, you'll find tailored spatial design in various executions.
Our team is always on the lookout for new materials and creative approaches to meet the diverse lifestyles of our clients – no matter what requirements you have.

Your living studio
for unique home design

At Steurer, we offer innovative interior design, both in South Tyrol and beyond, focusing on the individual needs and unique style of each customer.

We prioritize individuality and understand the significance of every single space. A living area is more than just a collection of furniture for us; it reflects individual lifestyle.

Interior Living Design